Logistic International Services Corporation follows the "Maritime Labor Convention 2006" Logistic DOES NOT charge any type of commission directly or indirectly to applicants who wish to obtain a job on board.

Crew Recruitment

“Logistic International Services Corporation strives to attract, retain and develop the best available talent within the maritime industry.” It is therefore imperative that each employee is professional, experienced & service oriented.

Logistic International Services Corporation is one of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America leading human resource providers for cruise lines and commercial vessels. We provide our clients with the best candidates available in the industry. Also, to assure a distinct personality, courteous services, friendliness & efficiency of your service personnel always.

Centrally located in Panama City, Logistic is one of the leaders in the cruise employment industry with affiliate offices in Caribbean, North, Central & South America. With vast industry contacts & a crew database of qualified personnel trained interview & screened to ensure your satisfaction. We recruit from maritime schools, culinary institutes, hotels and restaurants management, colleges, engineering /trade schools & maritime licensing schools.

Logistic International Services Corporation provides qualified personnel in all areas of the marine industry:

Cruise Lines, commercial vessels, bulk vessels, chemical, product, crude & oil tankers, containers vessels, car carriers, oil rigs, platforms, tugboats, ATB (articulate tugboats), and more…

Our marine officers, ratings and cadets are experienced professional, competent, commercial trained, motivated, and safety conscious collaborators.

Our goal is to help applicants gain employment within the marine industry. We match their career goals and background with the job available through our strong network of partners/companies.


“To make a cruise an unforgettable moment one of the main ingredients would have to be the crew of the cruise Lines.”

The Process to join a cruise ship can be complex and lengthy, but it may not be the case for all candidates as there are different factors that can determine this.

Logistic Int. Services Corp. strives to attract, retain, and develop the most suitable talent with the marine industry.


Therefore, it is imperative for Logistic Int. Services Corp. to ensure a professional recruitment process for all our pre-selected candidates to provide a qualified and well-trained crew to meet the standards of the Cruise lines, including English level, quality service, vessel familiarization, safety requirements and in compliance with MLC-2006, ISO 9001:2015 legal and International regulatory requirements.

To enter the selection process to join one of our cruise lines/ commercial vessel partners, please visit our Online Application page to register and to complete the application.

Always keep your Online application up to date to ensure we find you the most suitable position to match your skills and work experience.

Once we have received your online application and you have been selected as a potential candidate, one of our Recruiting Specialists will contact you to schedule a pre-screening interview.

If your Recruiting Specialist determines that you are the right candidate for shipboard life and you are preapproved for a position onboard a cruise ship, you will be asked to complete further requirements including different online tests administered by the cruise lines/ commercial vessels partners. Some of these tests will score you in your abilities to customer service, personality, skills, and English fluency.

If you are employed at the time you are approved to join a cruise ship/ commercial vessel, DO NOT resign from your job until you are offered a confirmed ship assignment and a Letter of Employment has been issued.

Logistic Int. Services Corp.  will assist you with all your pre joining requirements (visas, medical, letter of employment, questions, etc.) and guide you through each step of the way to ensure a flawless transition during your first months onboard.

Logistic Int. Services Corp.  is looking forward to working with you in this process and welcome you to an exciting career opportunity onboard a cruise ship.



  • Be above 21 years of age.
  • Proficiency on the English language (at least 70% or Marlin Test Approved).
  • Logistic Int. Services Corp. only accepts new applicants who have completed the online application found at our website.
  • As a new applicant you need to be experienced in your desired job field.

Onboard Jobs list

Logistic International Services Corporation, is committed to ensuring that the seafarers who provide services on company's ships under which the recruitment of personnel is carried out, have decent working and living conditions, a safe workplace and employment fair

Seafarers are encouraged to use the Shipboard Complaints Procedures to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level in accordance with the MLC 2006. However, if a complaint cannot be resolved on board, Logistic International Services Corporation, as a placement agent, provides this complaint form for seafarers, they can send us the complaints and we can assist them to find a solution for both parties.