The Shore Excursion Department in a cruise ship is responsible for organizing and managing shore excursions for passengers. They work closely with local tour operators and travel agencies to offer a wide range of excursions and activities in the ports of call. The department provides information to passengers about the excursions available, helps them to book their desired activities, and coordinates the logistics for the excursions.

The Shore Excursion Manager is responsible for the planning, promotion, and management of shore excursions offered in different ports of call during a cruise. They must have experience in tourism or previous travel-related experience and are typically required to have a minimum of one year of experience on board starting from an entry-level position such as Cruise Staff or Assistant Shore Excursion Manager. Fluent English language skills are also required for this position. The Shore Excursion Manager must oversee the presentation, promotion, and
supervision of shore excursions while ensuring compliance with all safety regulations and delivering high-quality customer service to passengers.

The Assistant Shore Excursion Staff in a cruise ship works closely with the Shore Excursion Manager in promoting and selling the shore excursions offered in the ports of call. They assist in arranging the excursions and ensuring that guests have an enjoyable experience. To qualify for the position, the candidate should have experience in tourism, previous travel-related experience, and at least one year of onboard experience starting from an entry-level Cruise Staff position. Additionally, fluent English language skills are typically required, depending on the cruise line.

-Extensive/hotel experience
-Experience in tourism
-Previous travel – related experience
-Fluent English language skills required