The Hotel Manager on a cruise ship is the highest-ranking officer in charge of shipboard services, including accommodations, food and beverage, entertainment, and guest services. They oversee all departments and personnel, ensuring that each department is run smoothly and efficiently. The Hotel Manager is responsible for managing and directing the Purser’s Department, which includes the Chief Purser, Administration Purser, Assistant Purser, Junior Assistant Purser, Receptionist, Concierge, Guest Services Officer, Crew Purser, and Asst. Crew Purser. They also work closely with other departments to ensure that the ship is operating safely and efficiently, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all passengers. Excellent communication and leadership skills, as well as fluency in English, are essential for this role.

The Chief Purser/Front Desk Manager/Guest Services Manager is a key member of the ship’s management team responsible for the smooth operation of the front desk, guest services, and back-office departments. They oversee the work of all staff in these departments, ensuring that guests receive high-quality service, and their needs are met throughout their cruise. The Chief Purser/Front Desk Manager is responsible for ship clearance and certificates, ensuring that the ship follows all regulations. They also supervise financial transactions and maintain accurate records. Strong organizational and communication skills, as well as experience in hotel management, are required for this position.

A First Purser Administration in a cruise ship works under the Chief Purser and oversees the daily operations of the Front Desk and Crew Office. They ensure that all activities are carried out efficiently and smoothly, in accordance with the cruise line’s standards. The First Purser Administration assists the Chief Purser/Front Desk Manager with ship clearance and other related matters. They also supervise the staff and ensure that they provide excellent customer service to guests.

The Second Purser – Guest Accounts is a Front Desk position in a cruise ship that reports to the Financial Controller. They are responsible for handling all cash, credit card, and onboard account transactions for passengers. This includes ensuring that all passengers activate their onboard accounts upon embarking on the cruise ship, managing guest inquiries and complaints related to their accounts, and ensuring compliance with the cruise line’s financial policies and procedures. Additionally, they work closely with the Chief Purser and Administration Purser to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the Front Desk and Crew Office activities in accordance with the cruise line standards.

An Assistant Purser in a cruise ship is responsible for providing excellent customer service to passengers at the reception desk. They handle general inquiries, complaints, money transactions, and shipboard announcements, among other tasks. Previous experience in the hotel industry and/or a university degree is preferred, and fluent English language skills are required. The ability to speak other languages such as German, French, or Spanish is a plus. The role offers possibilities for promotion to Purser.

The Junior Assistant Purser / Guest Service Associate (Front Desk Receptionist) works in the Purser’s Department and is responsible for providing guests with general information and assistance with accommodation problems, complaints, money transactions, shipboard announcements, and other inquiries. They should have previous hotel experience and/or a university degree, and fluent English language skills are required. Speaking other languages, such as German, French, Spanish, or another European language, is a plus. There are possibilities for promotion to Assistant Purser.

The Crew Purser is responsible for providing administrative and clerical support to the crew members on board the cruise ship. This includes handling crew member’s payroll, issuing crew ID cards, handling crew member’s mail and packages, managing crew member’s personal accounts, and answering any questions or concerns they may have. The Crew Purser may also be responsible for organizing crew events and activities, such as sports tournaments or crew parties. This is an entry-level position, and no experience is required, but basic English language skills are necessary. There are possibilities for promotion to higher positions within the Purser’s Department.

Previous hotel experience and /or university degree preferable. Fluent English Language skills required and speaking other languages (German, French, Spanish or another European language) is a plus.