The Financial Operations Department in a cruise ship is responsible for managing the financial operations of the ship. This includes various duties such as accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, payroll, and revenue management. The department manages the ship’s financial resources and ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded and accounted for.

The Crew Payroll Manager is responsible for managing the payroll function for all crew members, staff, and officers on board the cruise ship. This role involves overseeing the entire payroll process and all financially related issues that may arise. Working closely with the ship’s Financial Controller and directly supervises and evaluates the performance of the Second Purser Payroll position. One of the key responsibilities of the Crew Payroll Manager is to ensure the accurate accounting and distribution of prepaid tips to ship’s personnel from various onboard departments. They also provide guidance and training to managers and department heads on pre-paid tips reconciliation. In addition to this, the Crew Payroll Manager spends time in the Crew Office dealing with crew direct deposits, wire transfers, and checks, making sure that all wages are accurately paid, including bonuses and overtime payments. Fluent English language skills are generally required for this role, as is experience in financial operations and payroll management.

The Second Purser Payroll/Staff Accountant in a cruise ship is responsible for assisting the Crew Payroll Manager with the entire payroll function aboard the ship and all financially related issues related to the crew, staff and officers. They directly supervise, support, and evaluate the performance of the subordinate Financial Operations/Purser’s division one-stripe officer positions – Junior Assistant Purser/Night Auditor. The Second Purser Payroll assists the Crew Payroll Manager with the precise accounting and distribution of prepaid tips to ship’s personnel from various onboard departments and ensures that all pre-paid tips are accurately recorded in crew’s payroll records. They work in the Crew Office, dealing with paying wages, cashing company checks, crew direct deposits, and wire transfers. The Second Purser Payroll is involved in the training and guidance of managers and heads of various departments regarding pre-paid tips reconciliation and ensures that all wages are accurately paid, including bonuses, pre-paid tips, and overtime payments.


  • High school diploma or equivalent and a minimum two years in a payroll or accounting processing position within the hospitality industry or financial institution or an equivalent combination of experience and education.
  • Degree in either hotel/ hospitality management, business administration, accounting or other financial discipline is preferred. Cruise ship experience is preferred. Candidates must be proficient in operating basic office equipment, such as calculators, telephones, computers, and copy machines as well as internet access, and basic software packages such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.}
  • Candidates must be able to communicate tactfully with guests and crew/ staff members to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.
  • Excellent communication skills and good command of the English language, knowledge of additional languages is a plus.